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Prior to the start of any skincare regime or treatment program it is essential to analyze your skin's quality and health. This enables us to address your concerns accurately and document your skin's progress.

Our Therapists will begin your Consultation with a Complimentary Skin Complexion Analysis. This involves taking three-dimensional digital and ultraviolet images of your entire face, which will reveal your skin's health and any underlying problems beneath the surface, which are not yet visible to the human eye.

Key elements assessed are:

• Invisible skin blemishes

• Fine lines and wrinkles

• Damaged and enlarged pores

• Skin texture

• Sun damage including hyper-pigmentation

• Damaged blood vessels

• Skin's bacterial status


Using its sophisticated computer software, our machine can also assess how your skin will age over the next five years. We recommend an annual Analysis so that we can chart and assess your skin's improvements during on-going treatments. Aesthetician will use the valuable information from your Skin Analysis to help create a personalized Skin Care Plan customized to your skin's individual needs. This will cover both the Derma One NK Med Spa treatments and home skincare plan that we recommend for you.