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Massage therapy

True healing and well-being begins whenthere is a balance between the body,mind and soul. Whether you are seekingto relax and ease away the tension orenergetically “tune into” your inner peaceof mind. Our range of massage therapiesis customized to suit your personal needsand well being.

a) Swedish Massage

Swedish massage therapy is the bestknowntype of bodywork which aimsto relax muscle tension and improvelymphatic and blood circulation throughmild pressure applied to the musclegroups of the body.

Deep Tissue Massage

This deeply relaxing, full body massagereleases even long-standing knots andtensions within the deeper musclelayers, using a bespoke sequence ofslower movements and pressure pointtechniques

Hot Stones Massage

Personalized and energizing nature ofhot stones massage gently releasesmuscular tension, eliminates toxinsand restores mind and body vitality.The secret lays in the intuitive way thetherapist uses her hands in harmony withsmooth, individually shaped, thermal andenergizing marble and slate stones.

Aromatherapy Massage

Aromatherapy massage is the alternativetherapeutic technique which combinesthe natural therapeutic properties of theessential oils and the healing power ofmassage therapy

Prenatal Massage

Prenatal massage is tailored specificallyto the needs of pregnant women andtheir changing bodies. It aims relaxtense muscles, ease sore spots, improvecirculation and mobility, and just makeyou feel good

Back, Neck and ShouldersMassage

Stress, tension and anxiety all melt awaywith this rejuvenating treatment. Thisintense back, neck and shoulders easesstress, rejuvenates the body and revivesfatigued muscles, restoring harmony tomind and body.

Head & Scalp Massage

Head and scalp massage stimulatesblood flow in the scalp, promotes hairgrowth by providing more nutrients to thehair follicles and helps to relieve headaches,stress and sinus congestion