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The key to optimal skin health is aMedical Skincare Professional. Bycombining a customized SkinCeuticalsat-home regimen with powerful clinicaltreatments and targeted skincaresolutions, the result is healthier skin withvisible improvement in fine lines, wrinkles,hyper-pigmentation, acne and othersigns of premature aging.

SkinCeuticals Professional Peels Clinical chemical peels are essentialfor maintaining and restoring the skin’shealth and appearance and they areavailable exclusively through NK MedSpaSkinCeuticals skincare professional.These peels work synergistically withSkinCeuticals home care to yield optimalresults.

Benefits of the SkinCeuticalsPeels 

• Stimulate collagen production toreduce signs of photoaging, includingfine lines and wrinkles

• Improve the appearance ofhyperpigmentation and dullness byexfoliating surface cells

• Soften and smooth the skin’s surfacetexture

• Decrease the frequency of acnebreakouts and fade the appearanceof post-lesion discoloration

• Maintain and enhance the results of aSkinCeuticals home care regimen

• Help prolong results of clinicaldermatological procedures

Gel Peel Treatment (20 min) The SkinCeuticals Gel Peel is a gentlepeeling treatment designed to minimizethe appearance of fine lines, fade hyperpigmentation,smooth out rough skintexture and aid in clearing acne. TheAHA acids in this peel gently dissolvesurface dead skin cells without irritatingthe skin making this treatment suitablefor all skin types with zero downtime. Foroptimal results, a minimum of 6 sessions isrecommended.

Pigment Balancing MasqueTreatment (50 min) This treatment is a unique, customizablechemical peel targeting mild to severehyper-pigmentation to dramaticallyimprove the uneven appearance ofphoto-damaged, blotchy skin aftera series of 4-6 treatments. This Vit-Cbrightening masque combines highperformance peeling and brighteningagents to accelerate cell renewal anddiminish diffused and localized hyperpigmentation.

Firming Treatment (50 min) The SkinCeuticals Vitamin-C FirmingFacial is ideal for the client who desiresto have luminous, hydrated and firmerskin. The facial leaves the skin feelingand looking healthier with a brighter andradiant complexion – ideal for those whodesire a visibly youthful appearance.

Calming Treatment (50 min) The SkinCeuticals Calming Facial isdesigned to help calm and sootheinflamed acneic, rosacea and sensitiveskin types. The calming, soothing andhydrating antiseptic ingredients usedin this treatment will aid in reducingthe redness and sensitivity causedby rosacea and inflamed acne. Thistreatment includes soothing cucumberextract, healing anti-bacterial thymeand soothing olive leaf extracts to helpsoothe, hydrate and calm the skin.

Acne Treatment (35 min) This clearing treatment is designed for totreat and manage inflamed and irritatedacneic skin types. This treatment includedsoothing corrective and protectiveingredients along with a detoxifyingmasque to target all concerns. Thistreatment is ideal for the acneic or oily/acne prone skin types.

Diamond Microdermabrasion(30 min) Perfect for dull, oily blotchy or sundamaged skin, minimizing theappearance of fine lines and wrinkles,crow’s feet, age spots, enlarged pores,uneven skin texture and blemishes.Densely packed real diamonds arepropelled over the skin’s surface toexfoliate and remove dead cells, whilean adjustable suction operates at yourcomfort level to stimulate blood flow foroptimal exfoliation and skin rejuvenation.Visible results can be seen from thevery first treatment, although a series oftreatments is recommended for ongoingimprovements.

Hydra Facial (45 min) The “Hydra Facial” treatment is the newestadvance in non-laser skin resurfacing.Hydra Facial is the only hydradermabrasionprocedure that combines cleansing, exfoliation,extraction, hydration and antioxidant protectionsimultaneously, resulting in clearer, morebeautiful skin with no discomfort or downtime.The treatment is soothing, moisturizing,non-invasive non-irritating. The Hydra Facialtreatment improves the appearance of finelines, wrinkles, congested and enlarged pores,oily or acne-prone skin, hyper pigmentation andbrown spots.Hydra Facial procedure is suitable for mostskin types, including thin or aging skin, ethnicskin, and dry skin or oily skin. Start your skinmaintenance program now with Hydra Facial toslow down your skin’s aging process and delaythe need for invasive procedures.